Teacher Experience: Classrooms - Teacher Classroom - Admin View - Parents

Only those with administrator rights can view parents affiliated with a classroom. These parents are listed on this private Classroom Parents page. They are ranked by the admin by dragging and dropping users upward or downward. Here users can be deleted and new parent accounts can be made by the teacher (with auto email notification and login info sent). Admins can click on the name of the parent or their avatar in order to travel to the parent profile page. The order that classroom parents are listed on this page is based on last contribution date. Custom order is featured in the Classroom Parents box on the left that only classroom admins have access to viewing. Rolling over avatars in this box change the white title of the box to the name of the parent. Clicking on the white title of this parent box toggles the teacher to output of parents from other classrooms that the teacher is the admin of. Folders can be created by admins in order to better organize big classrooms. Clicking on an avatar in this box travels the teacher user to the profile page of the parent where the teacher can send individual messages or edit the contents of the profile (image and description) for the parent


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