Teacher Experience: Classrooms - Teacher Classroom - Non-Subscriber View

If the administrator of a classroom sets it for public viewing, a teacher can review the classroom posting page. Resources can be opened by clicking on the title and the posting opens in a javascript hover over. Here the user can see contributions sorted by time created for or posted on the classroom stack. Student and parent contributions are only seen by the admiinstrator of the classroom. Foreign users, subscribers, and administrators are free to forward resources found on a classroom page by dragging and dropping them rightward. Foreign users can subscribe to the classroom by clicking on the purple box on the left. Doing so adds the classroom to their My Classrooms box on the left. While viewing the classroom page, users are free to toggle to the future or past by clicking on days of the calendar on the left. While you are viewing a particular classroom page, it is represented (in title) as the calendar belonging to the classroom. Toggling the calendar back to that of What's New, My inbox, or other classroom pages that I am affiliated to is don by clicking on the title of the calendar box. This process is replicated with the other boxes featured on the left. When on a particular classroom page, the Resource box and Colleagues/Subscribers box are also reflective to the classroom in focus. They are also toggle-able like the calendar box. Users are free to browse elements of the classroom by clicking on the hyperlinks at the top: classroom calendar, classroom subscribers, and classroom resources. They can also click above to invite other familiar user to subscribe to the classroom. If allowed by the administrator of the classroom, a foreign user, subscriber, or administrator can create a digital syllabus from the group. This basically creates a resources that is inserted into the 3rd party user's calendar starting on a particular day. From that starting day after, a drip of resources are sent to the user at the pace that they were originally authored by the original author of the classroom.


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