Teacher Experience: Classrooms - Teacher Classroom - Subscribers

Foreign users are free to review subscribers of the classroom if the classroom is public. However, parent and student subscribers are not accessible to foreign viewers or teacher subscribers. Affiliated parent and student profiles cannot be accessed from the subscriber hyperlink. On the Classroom Subscribers page, a list of all teacher subscribers are featured. With administrative privileges, a user can kick subscribers out of the classroom. The administrator orders these users by dragging and dropping them upward and downward (ajax). This order is reflected in the Classroom Subscribers box on the left. Rolling over the avatars featured in the box changes the title of the box to the Name of the Teacher. This box can be expanded vertically. Clicking on the title of the box changes the output to reflect a users colleagues or subscribers from a different classroom that the user is either a subscriber or administrator of. Administrators and subscribers with privileges are free to organize classroom subscribers with folders. These folders are reflected in the box on the left and the Classroom Subscribers page based on the order they've been set at.


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