Teacher Experience: Classrooms - Vendor Classroom - Subscriber View

Vendors/Sponsors identify themselves at registration so that they can use additional tools relative to their jobs. If allowed by the administrator of a vendor/sponsor classroom, teachers can subscribe just like any other classroom. Vendors have the ability to set charges for subscriptions if they'd like though. They can also set pricing when authoring individual resources. Sponsors have the ability to connect with teachers and pay them when their parents and students open resources sent to them from classroom pages they are affiliated to. This ad placement is positioned at the bottom of resources that the teacher sends to her parents and students through classroom feeds – those either originally authored by the teacher or even those that the teacher relays to her parents and students. Bottom line, if a company agrees to sponsor a classroom, then each time her parents and students open a resource sent to them from that classroom, the admin teacher of the classroom gets paid a merit based payraise. Teachers can request sponsorship by going to the vendor/sponsor page and clicking on the button underneath the logo – a message is automatically sent to the admin of the vendor/sponsor page for approval or decline Also, the admin's of sponsor classrooms have their own account and they can court the administrators of school accounts to thereafter sponsor particular classrooms of the schools.


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