Teacher Experience: Colleagues - Profile - Non-Colleague

Here the user can review the accomplishments of a fellow teacher. You can see the description the teacher has decorated for herself including her avatar, a personal description and the tags that she represents herself with. The user has the option to add the teacher to her My Colleague list by clicking on the Add to Colleagues button. An automatic message is sent to the user to see if she'd like to reciprocate, thereby giving both teachers permission to send the user personal individual messages. Underneath the teachers bio area is a copy of her inbox.. Users can browse through this area and choose to forward resources that they find valuable by dragging and dropping them from right to the boxes on the left. When the user views a particular teacher's profile page, the boxes on the left change to reflect the content relative to that teacher's profile: calendar, resources, colleagues, etc.... Clicking on the title of these boxes allows the user to toggle back to content relative to other affiliations that the user might have. If the profile is public, users may browse through the teachers profile in more detail by clicking the listed hyperlinks above: colleagues, subscriptions, classrooms, resources, calendar


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