Teacher Experience: Classrooms - My Classrooms

Here the user can see a list of all the classrooms that the teacher is either an administrator of or a subscriber of. The user is free to order these classrooms by dragging and dropping them upward or downward (ajax). This order is reflected in the My Classroom box on the left slide bar. The order of classrooms also has input upon where the classroom is ranked on public searching or browsing. The teacher can also invite a colleague to subscribe to a classroom by dragging and dropping its icon over to a selection in the colleagues box. Navigation within My Classrooms box on the left allows to expedite the user experience. Rolling over a selection within the box changes the title in white to the title of the classroom. Clicking on a selection transports the user to that classroom page. The size of the My Classrooms box can be expanded vertically. Folders can be created in order to better organize lots of classrooms. These folders are reflected when the user views the My Classrooms main page.


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