Teacher Experience: Inbox - Main Tab

Here the user receives a clustered list of the resources, messages, & new classroom subscribers relative to classrooms that the teacher is either an administrator or subscriber of. This “prequalified” list is sorted by contribution date. Any time something gets added to the top of the stack for a classroom that I am affiliated to, it automatically shows up in synch on the inbox stack. Also, other teachers, who I have previously declared as a “colleague” have the privilege to send me personal messages that show up in the queue of this inbox. The teacher can click on days of the calendar tool on the left in order to view the inbox stack for past days she may have missed or click on future days to view the “prequalified” lists of scheduled resources from affiliated classrooms. Teachers can also subscribe to a digital syllabus. A digital syllabus is sequence of blog postings that a teacher can insert into her calendar, starting on the day of her choosing. The contents of the blog are dripped according to the pace for which they are originally authored/scheduled. In addition to receiving affiliated resources and messages in this inbox, teachers can also set up their own customized subscriptions centered around specific topic tags or particular keywords so that they receive resources where matches have become apparent on a particular day. Below the queue of classroom subscription and colleague content, is a list of resources specific to the user's topic/keyword subscriptions. This feed is made up of resources that are 1) scheduled on any classroom calendar today 2) meet the topic/keyword/subject/grade tags of the user. The teacher can open each resource by clicking on the title, which opens up the posting in javascript hover over. She can drag and drop the resource icons from right to the boxes on the left to either post them on a classroom page, schedule them to be posted on a classroom page on a day in the future, save them in a folder, or forward them to an individual colleague, parent, or student. A Teacher can venture onto the classroom page for which the resource was authored by clicking on the avatar featured to the right of the resource title. The teacher can toggle to view just the messages in her inbox. She can also refine by subject/grade or category (the different types of resources). She can see a calendar organizing all of her topic/keyword subscriptions. She has the ability to view all of the classrooms and keywords she has subscribed to as well.


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