Teacher Experience: Inbox - My Subscriptions

Here the user can see a list of all the feeds that she subscribes to. This includes classrooms that the teacher is either an administrator of or a subscriber of. Any time something new gets added to the top of one of these classrooms, it automatically synchs with with users inbox so that the posting shows up in both places. It also includes custom keyword feeds that that user has set up. Any time something that gets added to the database or added to a classroom relative to this custom keyword, it shows up automatically in the user's inbox. At the bottom of the page, the user can click to create new topic/keyword subscriptions. Each topic/keyword subscription has a time frame preset by the user. This allows the teacher to layout a yearly calendar and document when she is teaching particular topics. Users can also subscribe to a digital syllabus. A digital syllabus is sequence of blog postings that a teacher can insert into her calendar, starting on the day of her choosing. The contents of the blog are dripped according to the pace for which they are originally authored/scheduled. A progress update is featured on the my subscriptions page in order for the user to know how far along they are in the digital syllabus. On the My Subscriptions page, the user can choose to opt out of feeds that they have previously subscribed to.


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