Teacher Experience: Resource - Opened Resource - Video

Here the user sees a javascript hover over with content within the box. All other activity on the page is restricted and greyed out until the user closes the content box. Witht he box is a video that the user can use normal play controls with. Above, the user can view further details of the resource. These details include usage statistics, who it has been viewed by, permissions on who is allowed to view it, comments that viewers have left, the preset tags that the original author intended the resource to be represented with, and classrooms that the resource has been scheduled on. Below the video are actions that the user can inflict upon the resource. These actions mimic what can be done with a drag and drop when the resource is closed. They include: adding the resource to a classroom calendar, sending it directly to a classroom poasting board today, forwarding the resource to a colleague, alerting mysyllabi administrators to innapropriate content, editing or deleting the resource, or saving it to either a personal or classroom favorites resource folder. To the right of the video is an advertisement if the teacher has previously elected to take on sponsorship. Each time a subscriber views a video posted by this teacher, she is reqarded by that sponsor with merit based pay.


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