Teacher Experience: Schools - Top Schools

Here we present a view of what it looks like to browse schools. A Teacher can browse through schools and affiliate themselves. By clicking on the browse schools hyperlink in the box in the bottom left, the user is transported to the Top Schools page. Here, they are presented with a list of schools that are most active in Mysyllbi. Users can click on the School Name or the Avatar on the right in order to visit the profile page of the school. By joining a school, a user is granting editing and deleting privileges to the administrator of the school. The school administrator thenafter has the ability to edit or delete and resources, messages, profiles or classrooms created by the teacher, including the profiles and creations of her parents or students. This control is something that can be monetized by selling Administrator Accounts to schools. There is a certain amount of activity that they will encourage their teachers to produce publically, but there is also “behind the curtain” activity that they will consider sensitive; like the account information of their parents or students for example. Where content is stored is also of concern to administrators (and teachers). Think of the school site, and the pages from anyone affiliated to the school, as a satellite hub that grants access to certain amounts of content to the entire education community. The line of distinction is the server for which this content is hosted from – therefore, along with adminstrative access, servers are sold to schools and districts


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