Teacher Experience: What's New - Main Tab

Here the user receives a list of the latest contributions and registrations on the site (new resources, new colleagues, new classrooms all in one list). Each listing on the queue has subject/grade/topic tags meeting the same criteria the user's declared subject/grade/topic interest tags. The order of the listed items is based on a few factors 1) how many classroom pages a resource is scheduled on today 2) how many classroom pages a resource item is scheduled on for any day 3) The amount of activity taking place so far within a classroom 4) The amount of subscribers a classroom has 5) The amount of activity a new colleague generates 6) The amount of teachers a user has on her colleague list. The more "points" a listing has, the higher the resource comes up on not only this list but search lists and many other lists featured throughout the website. The teacher can click on days of the calendar tool on the left in order to view the stack for days they may have missed or to view lists of popular scheduled resources in the future. The teacher can open each resource by clicking on the title, which opens up the posting in javascript hover over. She can drag and drop the resource icons from right to the boxes on the left to either post them on a classroom page, schedule them to be posted on a classroom page on a day in the future, save them in a folder, or forward them to an individual colleague, parent, or student. A Teacher can venture onto the classroom page for which the resource was authored by clicking on the avatar featured to the right of the resource title. The teacher can refine to view and isolated list of new colleagues, new classrooms, and new resources created within the system. She can also refine her default list by state standard or by subjects/grades/topics beyond her original declaration.